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Pool & Spa Service Cos.
Medical / Dental
Dry Cleaning / Laundry

Car Wash Facilities

Customized Marketing Material
TWT Product List - 2007 - New!
Residential Products Brochure
Residential Treatment Methods
Are You Prepared? (Gen'l Potable)
Levels of Protection Chart       What's In Our Water?              World Water Supply
Fluid Management Solutions
Product Categories Color Ad

Distributor/Sub-Distributor Recruitment Color Ad
Download Full Catalog
A Business Case for Energy-Efficiency Technology (PowerPoint Slide Presentation)
Water Quality Testing Program

Deposit Control

Reaction Chambers

Copper Pipe Signal Enhancer

Mounted Dep. Control & CSE:
     470 Mounted with CSE
     471 Mounted with CSE
     472 Mounted with CSE         

Ultraviolet Disinfection
Ultraviolet Accessories
UV-4 / UV-250
UV-700 / UV-1200

UV-1500 / UV-2000

UV-5000 / UV-6000
UV C Series w/Monitor, Alarm

Emergency Water Supply

IonGuard Purification
Bottleless Water Cooler
In-Line Filter
Point of Use - Countertop
Point of Use - Under Counter
Rust-Erase Iron Filter
Sediment Filter 20 Micron
Showerhead - Massaging
Whole House Filter System

Integrated Systems DC/Ultraviolet/Filtration:
MD-1001  /  MD-1002  /  MD-1003
Potable with 3 systems above
Med/Dental w/3 systems above

Emergency Transportable Systems- UV-20/UV40 UV60/UV200
Total Water Control System
Bypass Systems -
BP-RC-1A / BP-RC-1B / BP-RC-1C
Pool & Spa Systems


Systems Analysis Worksheets
Tech Memos
Reaction Zones
On-site Solenoid Wrap Lengths

Installation Manuals
Glossary of Fluid-Related Terms
Tube & Pipe Application Guidelines
IonGuard Application Guidelines

Configuring for Recirculating Systems
Comprehensive Configuration and Application Guide - New!
Before You Place Your Order!!

Technical Abstracts on Electro- magnetic Treatment
Other Supporting Documents

Sales Order Form
Before You Place Your Order!!
Return Authorization Form
Analysis & Proposal Guide
Reseller Profile
Credit Application - Domestic
Resellers Appl. Pack - Domestic

Resellers Appl. Pack - Export
Change of Contact Information

TWT - The Clear Choice for Clean Water

Industry-Specific   (high resolution versions for reproduction)

Pool and Spa Service Companies

Poster - Reduce Chlorine - New
Poster - Pool & Spa - New
Brochure (for sales to Pool Service Cos.) (143k pdf)
Brochure - Easy on the Eyes (for sales to Pool Owners) (672k pdf)
Brochure - General (1MB pdf)

Brochure - New Pool (4MB pdf)

HVAC / Plumbing / Appliances
HVAC Water Conditioning Poster (pdf)
HVAC Operating Efficiency Poster (pdf)
Systems for Heavy Industry Flyer (pdf)
Boiler 402 Flyer (pdf)
Industrial 402 Flyer (pdf)
Hot Water Heaters 470 Flyer (pdf)

Bypass Treatment Systems for Large Diameter Pipes: 

BP-RC-1A  /  BP-RC-1B  /  BP-RC-1C Flyers (pdf)

Washing Machines, Water Heaters 460 Flyer (pdf)
Water-Fed Appliances 460 Flyer (pdf)
Water-Fed Appliance Applications for 460 Flyer (pdf)
Beverage Vending Machines & Appliances Diagram (pdf)
Ice Machines 460/473 Flyer (pdf)
Whole House - Hard Water Flyer (pdf)
Boiler Combine Flyer (pdf)

Medical / Dental
Dental/Medical Systems Flyer (pdf)
Practitioners Flyer (pdf)

Dental Lab Ad (pdf)
Integrated Dental Ad (pdf)

Dry Cleaning / Laundry
Dry Cleaner Ad (1.5MB pdf)
Vertical Boilers 471/472 & Equipment Flyer (pdf)

Carwash Facilities (bus, truck, vehicle) - updated
Car Wash Systems Ad (2 pages, pdf)
Car Wash Systems Ad (3 pages, pdf)
Car Wash Systems Ad (pdf)
Car Wash Systems Diagrams (2 pages, pdf)

Supermarkets - updated
Poster (suitable for large format, pdf)
Flyer (2 pages, pdf)

Agriculture - updated
Brochure (6 pages, 2.7MB pdf)
Flyer (2 pages, pdf)

Residential Products
Residential Poster (pdf)
Products Brochure - Mother & Child Cover (4 pgs, pdf)
Residential Treatment Methods (pdf)
Are You Prepared - Integrated Potable Systems w/photos (pdf, 3 pgs.)
Are You Prepared - Integrated Potable Systems w/line drawings (pdf, 2 pgs)
All-in-One Potable Systems with photos (pdf, 1 pg.)
All-in-One Potable Systems with POE/POU diagrams (pdf, 5 pgs.)

Systems Analysis Worksheets
bullet Main Water Feed
bullet Boiler 
bullet Hot Water Heater
bullet HVAC / Condenser/ Cooling Tower
bullet Reclamation Unit
bullet Food Steamer
bullet Steam Bath Generator
bullet Dish washer / Pot washer / Clothes washer
bullet ce Machine
bullet Decorative Water Feature / Fountain
bullet Swimming Pool / Spa
bullet Irrigation
bullet Complete Worksheet Packet (all of the above)
bullet End-User Commercial / Industrial
bullet Home & Office (sinks, showers, etc.)

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