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TWT Order Form
TWT Terms and Conditions - see Catalog
Reseller's Certificate (coming soon)
TWT Return Authorization Policy & Form
Product Sheets
460 Water-fed Appliance Color Sheet  417kb
470 / CSE Factory Assembled Product Sheet  86kb
471 / CSE Factory Assembled Product Sheet  87kb
472 / CSE Factory Assembled Product Sheet  87kb
Counter Top Water Filter System  45kb
Dual Filter Under Counter Water Filtration System   62kb
Shower Head Filter  335kb
Whole House and Rust-Erase Filtration Systems  153kb
20 Micron Sediment Filter  143kb
Commercial and Industrial Deposit Controllers  918kb
473 Commercial Deposit Controller for Ice Machines  934kb
Reaction Chamber  417kb
Bypass Deposit Control Systems  484kb
Two-inch IonGuard Purification System  26kb
Ultraviolet Purification Systems  966kb
UV Residential / Office Product Sheet  167kb
TWT Deposit Control / UV Purification Systems (lower flow rates - Residential Applications)  141kb
TWT Deposit Control / UV Purification Systems (higher flow rates - Commercial / Industrial Applications)  337kb
Summary Product Sheets
Residential Water Treatment and Filtration Systems  142kb
Commercial / Industrial Patented Deposit Control Systems  211kb
Product Lists
Industrial, Commercial, Residential Product List  314kb
Fact Sheets
Improve the Taste and Quality of Your Water  188kb
Choose Your Level of TWT Protection  25kb
Beverage Vending Applications   44kb
Triangular Wave System and Cooling Tower Water Control System Non-Chemical Treatment for Cooling & Process Water  450kb
The Patented Triangular Wave System  35kb
Benefits of the Triangular Wave System  11kb
The Triangular Wave System in Industrial Process Streams  135kb
How the Triangular Wave Technologies System Stops the Formation of Scale and Biofouling in the Water Systems  210kb
Triangular Wave Technologies System in Agriculture  328kb
Chemical-Free Industrial Water Treatment Scaling, Corrosion, and Biofouling Prevention in Heating and Cooling Systems  224kb
Adhesive properties of bacteria, bio-film, and colloids are reduced or eliminated with the TWT patented Deposit Control system that prevents the formation of biofilm, sludge, and scale deposits in industrial water systems.  235kb
Triangular Wave System Current Source Generators Out Perform the Voltage Source Generators of Other Deposit Control Systems  15kb
Turkey Farm  Uses Triangular Wave System to Control Scale and Biofilm Deposits and Boost Production  200kb
Electronic Deposit Control Systems  510kb
The Triangular Wave System gives all of the benefits of soft water without the salts  35kb
Adams Electric Cooperative, Inc. uses Triangular Wave System to control scale and biofilm deposits in innovative cooling system  1.2mb
Triangular Wave System protects refrigeration cooling system at SYSCO's major food distribution warehouse  766kb
Triangular Wave System protects entire Kessler's Inc. meat processing plant from deposits and corrosion in water system  546kb
Triangular Wave Deposit Control Systems save water, sewer, and chemical costs  30kb
Why Triangular Wave Technologies, Inc. Water Treatment Systems are "State-of-the-Art"  18kb
Triangular Wave generators surpass square wave generators  30kb
Triangular Wave Deposit Control Mechanisms  80kb
Energy Savings from Deposit Control  22kb
Triangular Wave Deposit Control System controls scale buildup in reverse osmosis water treatment system  11kb
Case Studies
Case Study 101 --  Practicing What They Preach:  Adams Electric utilizes Triangular Wave System in state-of-the-art facility  895kb
Case Study 102 -- Triangular Wave System protects Kessler's meat processing plant from deposits and corrosion  459kb
Case Study 103 -- Turkey farm reduces harmful biological buildups with Triangular Wave System  363kb
Configuring Deposit Control Systems for Small Recirculating Systems
Reaction Zones Tech Memo - Configuration Considerations  18kb
Configuration & Installation - Points of Treatment, Tech Guidelines 1.1MB 
Water System Information Sheet  13kb
Deposit Control & Reaction Chamber Specs   9kb
System Appraisal Form  20kb
Definitions - Glossary of Fluid-related Terms  17kb
Coil wrapping instructions for 402 system  101kb
Coil wrapping instructions for 470 and 472 systems  133kb
Total Water Control System Equipment Layouts  47kb


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