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The TWT Bypass Fluid Treatment System is a fully integrated, factory-assembled and mounted treatment system combining patented TWT Deposit Control and IonGuard Purification technologies.  Designed to provide a practical answer to large pipe diameter and recirculating fluid treatment problems, the Bypass System offers a much sought after solution at an economical price.

One-Inch Bypass Treatment Systems with sediment strainer, pump (where indicated), Deposit Control, and IonGuard Purification.  For recirculating systems of up to 2,500 gallons

New Series!

TWT-BP-RC-1A - 1"
Combined Deposit Controller & Ionization Controller in one, with Sediment Strainer and Recirculating Pump

TWT-BP-RC-1B - 1"
Individual Deposit Controller & Ionization Controller, with Sediment Strainer and Recirculating Pump

TWT-BP-RC-1C - 1"
Individual Deposit Controller & Ionization Controller, with Sediment Strainer, without  pump

Enhanced Model!

Two-Inch Bypass Treatment System with sediment strainer, pump, Deposit Control, and IonGuard Purification.  For recirculating systems of up to 6,000 gallons

Also available in 4", 6" and custom pipe sizes and configurations

Upgrades are available for systems processing larger volumes of water or for systems that require connection to pipes larger than 6" in diameter .  Click on Request A Quote, or contact us at info@triangularwave.com

The Bypass System is designed to be easy to install and monitor.  It  operates on a continuous duty cycle, with low energy usage.  Easily retrofitted to most facilities, it requires limited space and provides great value.

TWT Bypass Layout for a System Without Pump


TWT Bypass Layout for a System with Pump


All TWT Bypass Systems come equipped with:
  • a TWT Deposit Control Subsystem
  • a TWT IonGuard Ionization Subsystem
  • an integrated sediment strainer
  • an integrated pump (optional)

Choose your model based on total volume of water to be treated (see above)

Control Deposits - The Triangular Wave Bypass Deposit Control System controls deposits, bacteria, and algae in recirculating water applications.  The key to the viability of the Bypass Deposit Control System is the long lasting treatment effect of the Triangular Wave Deposit Control System and the IonGuard Purification System.

Many existing water-fed applications could be retrofitted with TWT standard deposit control devices. The TWT Bypass Deposit Control System is designed for those applications which do not lend themselves to direct installation of a Triangular Wave Deposit Control System. Possible reasons for this include: incompatible pipe material, inadequate pipe arrangement, and very large pipe diameters. In most cases, it is less expensive to install a Bypass System than to install a large diameter Triangular Wave Deposit Control System.

In recirculating water applications, it is possible to treat the total volume of water in portions, instead of equipping to treat the whole volume at once, which can require a large investment.  With a TWT Bypass System, the deposit control effect is maintained continuously, as long as all of the water is treated, on average, once every eight hours or less.  The Bypass System acts as a recirculating side-stream, using standard, smaller diameter pipe connections to eliminate the need to match treatment equipment to expensive large diameter existing pipes.

Control Bacteria and Algae - The Triangular Wave Bypass Deposit Control System controls bacteria and algae with the IonGuard Purification System, which is an electrolytic copper-silver ion generator.  The system contains specifically cast copper/silver alloy electrodes.  A small DC current (1 amp or less) is transmitted between the two electrodes; causing copper and silver ions to plate off into the water.  The copper ions kill algae, and the silver ions kill bacteria.

When the IonGuard Purification System is used in conjunction with a filter, the dead bacteria with the silver ion attached to it, will be large enough for the filter to remove. If installed where no filter is used, it will be removed from the tower system during a regular controlled bleed.

The criteria for copper and silver in water are as follows: The EPA standard for drinking water is 1.0 ppm (parts per million) maximum for copper and 50 ppb (parts per billion) maximum for silver. The IonGuard Purification Systems are programmed so that a water test showing 0.15 ppm to 0.25 ppm copper automatically provides the proper ratio of silver. This will produce drinking water quality in any water system treated. The IonGuard Purification Systems require no chemicals in their function of controlling algae and bacteria.

The IonGuard Purification System is powered by a "current source" power supply. All other ionization units are powered by "voltage source" power supplies. In an ionization unit, copper and silver ions plate off of the electrodes and enter the water. Over time, the electrodes will become smaller, and the gap between the electrodes will become larger. The current source power supply will automatically compensate for the change in gap size; while the voltage source power supplies must be manually inspected and adjusted. The current source power supply on the Triangular Wave IonGuard Purification unit offers trouble free operation.

Note: In conjunction with using the TWT Bypass System for treatment on the recirculating line, you can obtain complete, end-to-end fluid treatment benefits by installing an additional TWT Deposit Control System on the makeup line to the tower.

Products for small to mid-sized recirculating systems

Configuring TWT products for recirculating systems


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