This form may be directly filled in on your monitor and emailed to us, or print it out, fill it in, and fax it to (201) 750-1096.

TWT is happy to provide an on-line quote and information request form to make your evaluation and purchase process as streamlined as possible. Your completed system quote and/or additional information will be provided to you by either TWT or an authorized TWT dealer or distributor, via e-mail (or fax, if requested). Please feel free to call us with any questions.

Please provide the following information so that our technical staff may evaluate your fluid management requirements and make proper recommendations.  The information provided should as complete as possible, since water conditioning programs can vary depending on the chemical characteristics of the water, season of the year, and geographical location.

First Name:

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Company name:

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Please use the space below to describe the equipment and conditions that now exist and/or specific improvements that are being sought.  If faxing the form, please use additional sheets as necessary.

Geographic area?

What is the environment of the water treatment problem?
Other environment:

What water treatment problems do you have?
Other problem:

What type of scale deposit do you have?
Other scale problems:

If fluid testing has been completed, please indicate the test results, or fax the test results to (201) 750-1096 Attn: Web Quote.

How long has there been a deposit problem, and to what degree (e.g., % of blockage, etc.)?

Source of water (well, municipal, pond, river, treatment plant, etc.):

Flow rate (gallons per minute, liters per minute, etc.):

Water quality (Total Dissolved Solids):

Water quality (Grains per gallon):

Water quality (Conductivity):

What is your application?
Cooling Tower
Evaporative Condenser
Chilled Water Loop
Hot Water Loop
Evaporative Cooler
Water Cooled Air Compressor
Water Cooled Vacuum Pump
Ice Machine
Swimming Pool
Domestic / Potable Water
Non-Potable Water
Waste Water Treatment
Decorative Water Fountain
Dish Washer
Food Steamer
Hot Water Heater
Commercial Laundry
Dry Cleaning Machines
Clothing Pressing Machine
Printing Press

Other application:

For hot water boiler application, please provide operating temperatures:

What is the pipe material and size of pipe in the system for which you want treatment?

What end result do you require?
Remove existing scale
Improve energy efficiency
Extend equipment life
Save labor costs
Prevent new scale build up
Eliminate bacteria
Eliminate algae

Other result:

What TWT products are you interested in?
Commercial / Industrial Deposit Control Systems
Reaction Chambers
Bypass Systems
Industry-Specific Integrated Systems
Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems
IonGuard Purification Systems
Dental Disinfection System
Total Water Control System
Emergency Water Supply System
NutraChem Photo Chemical Disposal System
Residential / Light Commercial Deposit Control Systems
Counter Top Water Filter
Under Counter Water Filter Systems
Bottleless Water Cooler
Showerhead Water Filter
Whole House Water Filter
Residential Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems
Residential IonGuard Pool / Spa System
Replacement Filter Cartridges

What current treatment and/or products or systems do you now use to deal with this problem (e.g. softener, chemicals, filters, etc.)

What electrical voltage is available at the installation site?
110 v
220 v
Other voltage:

What do you currently spend on chemicals and/or other treatments?

How much time is spent attending to or supervising the operation of the current system?

What do you currently spend on water and sewer per 1000 gallons?

What do you currently spend on water and sewer per year?

What do you currently spend on maintenance of the system per year?

Is your current water treatment budget fully funded, and is there an established ceiling?

Please add any additional information you think may be appropriate.

Thank you, we will be in contact with you soon.


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