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See TWT Residential Deposit Control Systems

Why TWT Deposit Controllers surpass all other water treatment methods:

Chemical-free and salt-free

Advanced waveform generation

Lasting, broad-based effects throughout the entire industrial and commercial process

Scalable systems to meet the widest range of needs and special treatment situations

TWT-5C8-472 and TWT-5C8-401

For pipes up to 1.5 inches diameter*

TWT-5C8-402, TWT-5C8-403, and TWT-5C8-404

For pipes up to 4 inches in diameter*

TWT-5C8-406, TWT-5C8-408, and TWT-5C8-410

For pipes up to 10 inches in diameter*

*All TWT Deposit Controllers are available as special orders for pipe diameters not listed

For large pipe diameter recirculating needs, see Bypass Systems

         Deposit Control Systems for all Water-fed Appliances Including Coffee/Espresso/Beverage Machines, Ice Makers, Bottleless Water Coolers, and Soup Vending machines. 

TWT-5C8-460                                          For water-fed appliances with small water lines, such as coffee and tea dispensers, ice machines,  For pipes up to 1/2-inch diameter.

TWT-5C8-473P & TWT-5C8-473ST

For water-fed appliances with larger water lines up to 3/4-inch diameter, including larger ice makers.

Copper Pipe Signal Enhancer

Reaction Chambers for Magnetic Pipe Material

Deposit Control Monitoring & Installation Accessories

Reaction Zones - Configuration Considerations

Tube and Pipe Application & Installation Guide

Configuring for Recirculating Applications