Evaporative Condensers Protected by Triangular Wave Systems

Prevents Formation of Scale, etc.

Chemical-Free Water Treatment

Industrial Process Streams For the past 60 years, chemical treatment has been the primary accepted method of water treatment for cooling, heating, and other process water applications. Acids are used to remove salts and other scale materials from the metal surfaces. Biocides are used to kill organic life in the water. And, corrosion inhibitors are used to retard the corrosive elements in the water.

However, chemicals have not solved the problems, they have only reduced them, always at recurring monetary cost, and sometimes at environmental and human costs.  In cooling tower applications, even when the best use and knowledge of chemicals is made, at some point the system still has an unacceptable amount of scaling or biological growth. Chemicals do not solve the problems of scale and bio-film deposits, they only slow down the inevitable, and still require constant maintenance and monitoring.

Salt-free treatment

Deposit Control Benefits

Corrosion Control

Bio-film Control

Save Water and Other Costs

Energy Savings

Softening Benefits



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