The following papers contain the results of the latest research into the causes and effects of electronic and magnetic water conditioning.  The papers have been scanned and saved in Adobe Acrobat PDF (portable document format) format.  To read  and print the papers it is necessary to have Adobe Acrobat reader.  

Technical Paper Abstracts

Magnetic Amelioration of Scale Formation. Review Paper  1996
Anti-scale Magnetic Pretreatment of Reverse Osmosis Feedwater 
Laboratory Studies on Magnetic Water Treatment and Their relationship to a Possible Mechanism for Scale Reduction  1997 
Microscopic Observation of Calcium Carbonate Particles:  Validation of an Electronic Anti-Fouling Technology  1997
Electronic Anti-fouling Technology to Mitigate Precipitation Fouling in Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers  1997
Theory of Electronic Anti-Fouling Technology to Control Precipitation Fouling in Heat Exchangers  1997
Use of Electronic Anti-Fouling Technology with Filtration to Prevent Fouling in a Heat Exchanger  1998 
The Role of Zinc in Physical Water Conditioning  1999
Molecular Mechanisms of Magnetic Water Treatment  1999
Impact of Physical Conditioning on Small Particles and Consequences for Flocculation and Corrosion  1999
Effects of Magnetic Field on Water Investigated with Fluorescent Probes  1996
Overview of Recent Magnetic Research at Cransfield University  1999 
The Effect of Oral Irrigation with a Magnetic Water Treatment Device on Plaque and Calculus  1993 

Review Triangular Wave Supporting Documents