Application Triangular Wave Technologies Benefits


Cooling Towers Deposit control on tower fill, sump tank, spray headers, valves, pumps, and pipes.
Chillers Deposit control on heat exchange surfaces
Special Equipment Deposit control of cooling water used to cool CAT scan, MRI machines, and other high energy diagnostic machines.
Laboratory & Pharmacy, Patient Rooms, Nursery Enhanced bacteria control and deposit control for special conditions and potable water needs.
Hot water heaters Deposit control on heating coil and tank.
Boilers Deposit control on boiler fire tubes, condensation tank, pumps, pipes and valves.
Laundry Deposit control in steam ironing machines, washing machines.  Reduced surface tension of water requiring less detergent.
Food service Deposit control in dish washers and ice makers.  Deposit control in drains where greasy liquids are disposed of.
Rehabilitation center Deposit control in disinfection systems for swimming pools, hydro baths, showers, and vaporizers. Better mixing and retention of chlorine (allows less chlorine use).  Disinfection using TWT UV disinfection systems.
Waste water treatment Deposit control in tanks, pumps, pipes, valves, and sensors.

Point of Care sample configurations

Equipment Deposit control for water cooled drills, x-ray baths, rinsing sprays, and vacuum lines, dental unit waterlines.
What do I need to know about water problems and TWT treatment system selection?

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