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TWT Deposit Controllers are specifically designed to control scale deposits, bacteria, corrosion, algae, and colloids in pools and spas and their filtration/treatment systems. 
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Integrated disinfection, purification, deposit control systems

Advanced Pool Management Systems

Pool and Spa Integrated System components include:

  • TWT Deposit Control System,

  • IonGuard Purification System,

  • Copper/Silver Electrodes, and

  • Reaction Chambers

Copper / Silver Electrodes

IonGuard Pool & Spa System Sizing Guide

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ECPMS / IonGuard Technical & Product Description

TWT Deposit Controllers (The Smart Controllers) are specifically designed to control scale deposits, bacteria, corrosion, algae, and colloids in pools and spas and their filtration/treatment systems. The electronic deposit controller provides continual scale and biofilm control in pool and spa systems resulting in reduced maintenance and more efficient operation.  

The Triangular Wave IonGuard Purification System disinfects water through a process called ionization. That process utilizes a low voltage direct current [DC] to place precise and minute amounts of copper and silver ions into water systems. Copper ions kill algae and silver ions kill bacteria. An ion is merely an electronically charged atom or group of atoms. An atom acquires this charge by gaining or losing electrons. Negatively charged electrons are one of the three major subatomic particles; the others being protons, which have a positive charge, and neutrons, which have no charge.

Ions in the Triangular Wave system are positively charged; algae, bacteria and other particles in the water are negatively charged. The positive to negative attraction allows the ions to attach to the organisms, penetrate their cell walls and kill them.

The IonGuard Purification System is an electrolytic copper/silver ion generator. The system units contain specifically cast copper/silver alloy electrodes. These electrodes are mounted in a PVC housing designed specifically for easy access.

When the system is used in conjunction with a filter, the dead bacteria with the silver ion attached to it will be large enough for the filter to remove. Normal filter backwashing will then remove the dead particles.

The criteria for copper and silver in water are as follows: The EPA standard for drinking water is 1.0 ppm (parts per million) maximum for copper and 50 ppb (parts per billion) maximum for silver. The system is programmed so that a water test showing 0.25 ppm to 0.35 ppm copper automatically provides the proper ratio of silver. This will produce drinking water quality in any water system treated. The system requires no chemicals in their function of controlling algae and bacteria.

A "current source" generator powers the IonGuard Purification System. "Voltage source" generators power other ionization units. In all ionization units, copper and silver ions plate off of the electrodes and enter the water. Over time, the electrodes will become smaller, and the gap between the electrodes will become larger. The current source generator will automatically compensate for the change in gap size; while the voltage source generators must be manually inspected and adjusted. The current source generators on the Triangular Wave IonGuard System offers trouble free operation.

We recommend that the IonGuard Purification System be installed downstream of a Triangular Wave Deposit Control System. The Deposit Control will keep the IonGuard System electrodes free of scale and other deposits for more effective results. And, at the same time, the Deposit Control System will help eliminate scale and biofilm deposits through the entire pool and spa system.

Without the Triangular Wave Deposit Control System in place, the ionization electrodes may develop either a layer of scale or oxidation. In either case, it is necessary to periodically clean the electrodes with an acid solution. The Deposit Control System eliminates the need for periodic cleaning.

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