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Point of Use MD-1001

For Up to 12 Operatories MD-1002

For 12 or More Operatories MD-1003

Triangular Wave Technologies Chemical-Free System
to Eliminate Bio-film in
Pipes, Tubing, and Equipment

Eliminate the bio-film  that serves as a breeding ground for disease-causing bacteria in your pipes, tubing , waterlines and equipment

The issue entered the public spotlight when the "The Dentistís Dirty Little Secret " aired on ABCís "20/20" February 18th, 1999. The television segment showed how the water-lines that feed dental tools are a host for bacteria and other contaminants. Left untreated, contaminated water from these lines can be transmitted to patients. Waterlines provide an environment conducive to the growth of bacteria, protozoa and fungi that arrive initially in small numbers through the public waterline plumbing systems. Over time, these microorganisms bond to the sides of water pipes and tubing forming bio-film. As water flows through the tube, the biofilm sheds microorganisms and bacterial endotoxins into the water. A common problem in medical and dental offices is the formation of biofilm and bacteria in water lines and tubing serving the instruments.

Rendering of MD-1003

The TWT Dental / Medical Fluid Treatment System, with patented triangular wave technology, is now available to the medical / dental community in a fully integrated system.  TWT marries the filtration process with the deposit control power of triangular wave technology and the disinfection power of ultraviolet light.

First, the water is filtered to remove lingering sediments, chlorine, heavy metals and organic carbon compounds. The filtering process features a sediment filter, the dual filter media of patented KDF 55 and Granular Activated Carbon, and a final Carbon Block Filter. A patented Meter Valve is also included to provide an automatic signal and shut off when it is time to reset and/or change the filters. 

The three cartridge progressive filtration subsystem: incoming water flows through each of these filters in sequence:

The sediment filter removes particulate matter.

The dual media KDF/GAC provides state-of-the-art filtration. The KDF filter (copper/zinc media) removes lead, mercury, iron and other heavy metals, plus chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur taste and odor and provides a bacteriostatic environment . The GAC filter (granular activated carbon) removes volatile organic chemicals, pesticides and herbicides, trihalomethane compounds, radon, solvents and hundreds of other man- made chemicals found in tap water.

The carbon block filter cartridge provides a final assurance that remaining pollutants are removed (such as cysts, remaining volatiles, chemicals and organic additives).

Second, the patented Triangular Wave Deposit Control subsystem conditions the water before it enters the waterlines feeding the equipment and instruments. The bacteria and scale particles in the water are conditioned so that they remain suspended and unable to attach to the waterline walls or the medical/dental instruments. The conditioned water will also attack the biofilm on the walls of the waterlines and cause the biofilm to detach from the walls and remain suspended in the water. By eliminating the habitat provided by the biofilm, the bacteria will ultimately die off. The result is clean waterlines and tubing with virtually no biofilm and reduced bacterial contamination.

The deposit control subsystem (controller and reaction chamber) provides the following benefits:
  • Removes and prevents scale build up and minerals deposits (descales the entire system over time)
  • Improves efficiency of all water-fed equipment and extends the useful life of this equipment.
  • Provides the effects of softened water without chemicals. 
  • Is totally safe and maintenance-free. 
  • Controls algae and bacteria (they are dispersed in the water and prevented from attaching to surfaces where they can feed and reproduce) thus they die.
  • Biofilm is removed and prevented from re-occurring; thus damage to vessel surfaces from bio-growth and biocorrosion is eliminated.
  • In effect, a clean, corrosion-free water delivery system is restored and maintained in an environmentally safe and chemical-free manner.

Third, the Triangular Wave Ultraviolet Disinfection subsystem will then kill 99.9% of remaining bacteria and viruses by disrupting the DNA of the microbes with UV light rays.  Ultraviolet disinfection has been proven to be an extremely effective non-chemical disinfection system.

The ultraviolet method of disinfection produces water that is disease and pathogen-free. It effectively kills 99.9% of microorganisms, including bacteria and viruses. The UV lamp requires replacement every 10-12 months (a simple 10 minute procedure). A meter valve is included to measure flow as a "heads up" warning that the bulb is due for replacement.

Solenoid Shut Off Valve: Stops the water flow in the event of a system failure, preventing untreated water from entering your system. 

Triangular Wave Technologies, Inc. is a dedicated to complete fluid management solutions, utilizing state-of-the-art technology and products. All components of our systems are selected and assembled to conform with universally recognized design standards for electrical, plumbing, and environmental needs. Long term performance is ensured by our professional quality control personnel that monitor and supervise all operations.

"Protect your patients and the valuable equipment you use everyday."

The benefits of this innovative and comprehensive approach make the use of TWT Dental / Medical Water Treatment Systems sensible from economic, operational and most importantly, personal and professional health perspectives. The quality of the water used in the dental and medical office rests with each practitioner.

Rendering of Model MD-1002

Rendering of Model MD-1001


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