Application Triangular Wave Technical Benefits
Dairy farms


Stock water Deposit control and better taste for hard water used for cow watering. Dairy cows need between 15 and 35 gallons per head per day for drinking and barn needs; many cows are "fussy" about the water they drink.  The more water they drink the more milk they produce.  Deposit control means that waterers do not scale up and leak, and that the lines are clean.  For more comprehensive application, TWT All-in-One Potable Water Treatment Systems offer integrated Deposit Control/UV Bacteria Control/Filtration in a single system.  Great for people, this treatment is often as important for livestock, as well.
Clean-up water Treated water usually requires less chemical additives.  Iron in the water is bound up with the scale minerals and taken out of the "chemistry"; the result is easier clean-up with fewer chemicals to deal with the iron.

Experience has shown that water supplies that had E. coli contamination now show a zero count after treatment by the Triangular Wave System.  More tests are underway to further verify this.

Poultry farms
Bird waterers Deposit control in water lines and on bell-nipple waterers.  Reduce leakage at valves; leading to dryer and easier to handle manure. 
Medicators Deposit control in medication ports in watering system.
Disinfection system Elimination of chlorine (makes the birds hyperactive and panicky) by using the Triangular Wave Deposit Control System and the Triangular Wave Ionization Disinfection Unit.
Hog raising operations
Animal waterers Deposit control in the water nozzles and valves, which can stick opened or closed.
Pen cooling misters Deposit control in the water nozzles
Water wall curtain cooling system The temperature in hog facilities is very important.  If the animals get to hot they suffocate.  To help control cost of operation and lower the air conditioning bill, a water wall curtain is used.  This is a system that uses a heavy plastic panel like in cold storage warehouse doors to drive through.  This water wall has a header applying streams of recycled water to the wall.  The water collects in a trough at the bottom.  As the water streams down the wall, the water cools air that is coming through the slits in the curtain.  This does two things:  it cleans the air and drops the air temperature.  Triangular Wave system would prevent scale deposits on the header nozzles and on the wall itself.
Waste management Waste management is a huge cost and a huge problem. Water is used to flush the floor and pen areas.  The waste is directed to troughs and eventually to pits where it is lagooned for liquid application to fields.  Triangular Wave system can prevent clogging of pipe lines, pumps, sensors, etc.
Hog watering system Many of the health problems of the hogs stem from the water chemistry.  Triangular Wave system offers deposit control and better taste.  Hogs will drink more, which is good for their health.
Crop farms
Irrigation system Deposit control in spray nozzles, pipes, pumps, and valves.
Soil moisture Reduced surface tension allows greater moisture penetration into the soil.  Salts in the water are flushed beyond the root zone.
Spray equipment Deposit control in spray applicators of fertilizer and pesticides.
Rolling stock Control scale deposits in the cooling systems and radiators of tractors, trucks, and generators.
Improved water absorption Improved water absorption in soil reduces or eliminates need for wetting agents or surfactants; maintains free flow of water through irrigation systems
Quality water Aquaculture is an emerging business with tremendous potential in and near metropolitan centers.  The need for fish, shrimp, crayfish, mollusks, clams, etc. is ever increasing.  Quality water means less cost of operation.  pH, aeration, feed cycles, temperature, nitrate, and disease control are all expensive cost centers.
Calcium carbonate scale control To balance the pH, the facility will use calcium carbonate to raise the pH to the desired 7.0 to 7.5.  The calcium carbonate is sacrificial.  The calcium carbonate is fed in to the tanks, and that in turn causes problems downstream with pumps and aerators.  The Triangular Wave system controls scale formation from calcium carbonate.
Heat exchangers When the temperatures are not maintained well the feed conversion is disturbed and excess food forms sludge.  Waste management costs rise.  Triangular Wave controls deposits on heat exchangers in the tanks and in the boilers.
Nitrates Fish waste in the form of nitrates is deadly to fish.  Nitrates lower the pH and more calcium is added to avert poisoning the fish.  Triangular Wave systems can keep the filter equipment for clogging with scale.  Nitrate levels will be controlled.
Quality water This is an industry of soil-less production of vegetables in a controlled environment (usually a greenhouse).  Troughs, tube, poly trays, tanks, float beds, or poly socks are used as the growing frames.  The frames are filled with perlite, gravel, rock wool, vermiculite, sand or other inert media for rooting.  The chemically enriched water to feed the plants is administered through spray nozzles, pipes, drip tubes, flooding, continuous low flow, or timer controlled cycles of the above.  Triangular Wave systems control deposits on all of the water equipment. 
Calcium carbonate scale control To balance the pH, the facility will use calcium carbonate to raise the pH to the desired 7.0 to 7.5.  The calcium carbonate is sacrificial.  The calcium carbonate is fed in to the tanks, and that in turn causes problems downstream with pumps and aerators.  The Triangular Wave system controls scale formation from calcium carbonate and lime.
Bacterial control Triangular Wave systems control bacteria by killing some of it and keeping the rest suspended in the water and off of the plants.  Bacterial control is a huge factor in hydroponics.  The cost of starts and loss of production time is significant.  When disease occurs, it causes plants to be removed from production.  New plants are not installed; so that area of the house is lost.  When planting new stock, it takes months to get up to production.  The operators want the life span of the plants to be as long as possible.
More efficient root zone uptake Triangular Wave systems decrease surface tension and increase the solubility of nutrients in the water.  Roots are tubes that absorb nutrients and water;  Triangular Wave treatment promotes this process.  Furthermore, scale in untreated water will form on the roots.  Triangular Wave systems will control root scale.
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What do I need to know about water problems and TWT treatment system selection?
Agriculture is one of the nine vital "Industries of the Future" designated by The US EPA Office of Industrial Technologies.  According to the OIT, these nine industries necessarily use large amounts of heat and energy* to physically or chemically transform materials. Collectively, they supply 90% of the materials vital to our economy, produce $1 trillion in annual shipments, directly employ over 3 million people, and indirectly provide an additional 12 million jobs at all skill levels.

*To learn more about energy and cost savings using TWT fluid management systems, click here.  TWT Deposit Control Systems and comprehensive integrated treatment solutions provide the agricultural and food processing sectors with undeniable benefits and significant return on investment in a cost-effective and environmentally responsible manner.