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Water Quality Issues:
Are you a California or Texas Resident?

Water Softeners in the U.S. - Discharge Banned in Numerous States;
Reverse Osmosis Backflush Included in Some Bans

Among the 30 states that have or had enacted water softener discharge bans in some form are California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and most recently, Texas, statewide

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What's in Our Water?

Water treatment products for your home or office
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Why our water treatment and filtration systems are "state of the art".

Patented Triangular Wave Deposit Control (TWDC) Systems and Patented KDF filter media make the difference.

Our hard water treatment system uses TWDC to treat the hardness particles in the water, so that they remain suspended in the water and do not accumulate on water fixtures and water heaters. In addition, the conditioned water has the characteristics of softened water--better soap lather, detergent action and cleaning ability.

Our filter systems use the patented KDF filter media to remove chlorine, (and its' negative long term health effects), heavy metals, and hydrogen sulfide from your water. Often, the KDF filter media is used in conjunction with granular activated carbon and sediment filters. All of our products are manufactured in the United States of America. 
Water...the way Nature intended it to be.

The products featured represent a technical process which includes filtration, disinfection, descaling and water conditioning without the risk of any adverse consequences to people or the environment. This process is completely chemical free. It is not harmful to our natural surroundings or to the purity of the drinking water. The benefits of this innovative approach make the use of these water treatment products sensible from an economical, operational, and most importantly a personal health perspective.

Cleaner Water is Healthier Water.

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