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As reported by WaterTech OnLine, January 25, 2002 ...
Study: Water quality is most important environmental issue
Sacramento, CA - The quality and quantity of water available rank as the two most important environmental issues facing California, according to a research study by the California Water Awareness Campaign (CWAC).

Of 10 statewide issues, water quality and water supply ranked at the top with 83 percent and 82 percent of respondents, respectively, rating them as "very important".

Of eight issues relating only to water, pollution, quality, and security of water supplies ranked highest in importance.  The cost of water was ranked least important. CWAC said.

More than three-quarters of the respondents (79 percent) said they think a serious drought or water shortage in California is "very likely" or "somewhat likely" within the next few years.  When asked to rate the importance of the need for additional water storage, 57 percent said it was "very important", CWAC said.

Only 14 percent of the sample perceived the quality of their tap water as "excellent" and 37 percent said they drink bottled water all of the time, the organization reported.  Another 44 percent drink it sometimes.  The two most frequently reported reasons for consuming bottled water were taste (35 percent) and better quality (36 percent).

The study, funded by a grant awarded to the campaign by the CALFED Bay-Delta Program, was conducted at the end of 2001 by telephone interviews to 600 adults in California to evaluate perceptions of water and other environmental issues.

The results are encouraging, said Mike Mortensson, CWAC chairman.  The information will be used to enhance CWAC's public outreach and to try to show Californians that wise water use is important, even when the state is not in a drought.

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