What is UV Disinfection?


Ultraviolet Light Disinfection System with capacity up to 1 Gallon Per Minute

Ultraviolet Light Disinfection System with capacity up to 4 Gallons Per Minute

Choose your level of protection by combining treatment technologies

TWT-UV-700 and UV-1200 
Ultraviolet Light Disinfection System with capacity up to:

UV-700 - 8 Gallons Per Minute     
UV-1200 - 12 Gallons Per Minute


Combined UV and Deposit Control Systems for Maximum Continuous Ultraviolet Treatment Effect - Bundled Systems

Ultraviolet water quality control is only effective to the extent that the UV output can reach its target, your water.  UV light bulbs, the source of UV disinfection treatment, are designed to be covered by quartz sleeves.  These sleeves often develop a film which reduces the effectiveness of your UV treatment, and which requires an acid wash to clean.  Keep your UV bulbs and quartz sleeves working effectively, and keep manual cleaning requirements to a minimum, with a TWT combined UV / Deposit Control System, a reliable, economical treatment solution which reduces or eliminates the need for acid wash.

TWT Ultraviolet System Accessories
Watchguard your UV treatment with monitoring solutions

Which system do I need?

Which system you use should be determined by the rate of water flow in your pipes.  If you do not know what the gallons per minute (gpm) rate of water flow in your home or facility is, please contact your plumber or maintenance supervisor for this information


See our specialized Dental/Medical UV Disinfection integrated systems

See our Commercial / Industrial UV Disinfection Systems

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