Combined Ultraviolet Disinfection and Deposit Control for Enhanced Home / Office and Commercial / Industrial Protection

Gain Peace of Mind and Convenience
Ultraviolet water quality control is only effective to the extent that the UV output can reach its target, your water.

UV light bulbs, the source of UV disinfection treatment, are designed to be covered by quartz sleeves.  These sleeves often develop a film which reduces the effectiveness of your UV treatment, and which requires an acid wash to clean.  Keep your UV bulbs and quartz sleeves working effectively, and keep manual cleaning requirements to a minimum, with a TWT combined UV / Deposit Control System, a reliable, economical treatment solution which reduces or eliminates the need for acid wash.

For Home and Office:
TWT UV-700 and UV-1200 Disinfection Systems with  TWT Deposit Control System

For Commercial/Industrial Uses or Greater Flow Rates:

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TWT UV-5000 Disinfection System with TWT Deposit Control System

Note: for system configuration, choose your UV system based on water flow rate, and choose the accompanying deposit control system based on pipe diameter and material.  Click on the links above for sample systems layout and installation information.  The choices above are examples; any capacity TWT UV System can be used with any size TWT Deposit Control System, based on your site-specific needs.

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