Improve Your Water Filter Life and Performance


TWT flow-through water and shower filters are designed to be the best available - effective, reliable, and economical!

But did you know you can easily extend the life of all your TWT and other brand flow-through water and shower filters?


Install a TWT chemical-free Deposit Control System or  Integrated Potable Water Treatment System to reduce or eliminate the pre-existing scale, lime, and bio-film deposits that lead to clogged pipes and filters throughout your system.  

Extend your filter lifecycle, enhance its performance, reduce your recurring replacement costs, and ensure your home, office, or factory is protected by more than just a filtration process, because . . .

Even the most effective filters are designed only to filter out certain particles and colloids that enter your system now.  But what about the pre-existing and potentially new scale buildup that leads to harmful bio-film, bacteria growth, and corrosion in the pipes and tubing throughout your plumbing system, appliances, and equipment?  Your dentist and doctor know about this problem and some take measures to fight against these conditions for your health. . . shouldn't you?  You can obtain that same healthful protection for your home, office, plant, or livestock / poultry watering operation while extending your pipe and filter life and reducing your replacement costs!  

TWT chemical-free Deposit Control Systems and Integrated Potable Water Treatment Systems pay for themselves quickly by reducing or eliminating softener and chemical costs, reducing recurring filter replacement costs, eliminating the need for bottled water, and offering peace of mind.  Not a softener, the TWT Deposit Control and Integrated systems use no chemicals or salts, but gives you instead all the positive benefits of softened water without the negative side-effects.  Find out about the potential water and energy savings, too.

TWT Deposit Control, Purification, Disinfection and All-in-One Integrated Potable systems come with industry leading performance guarantees and product warranties - as you protect your water supply, TWT protects your investment - see the product listing below and contact us now to order.

TWT Replacement Filter Cartridges

Water Treatment Applications for Homes, Apartments, Condos

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