The steam boiler installed at Top Hat Dry Cleaners, in Reno, Nevada, has been in continuous service, five days per week, since mid-1987.  It operates at a maximum pressure of 125 PSI, and the average workday is eight to ten hours.  Prior to 1995, this boiler was subjected to a daily dose of harsh chemicals to prevent internal scale buildup.  In mid-1995, a TWT Deposit Control System was installed on the boiler feed pipe between the injector pump and the boiler.  From that time to the present, this boiler has not been polluted with harsh de-scaling chemicals, nor have such chemicals been flushed back into the environment, benefiting both Top Hat and the environment.  An added bonus: because the TWT Deposit Control System has maintained a clean internal heating surface in the boiler, there has been a reduction in natural gas consumption and the steam lines and steam traps need less maintenance.

As the TWT Deposit Control System prevents the dissolved solids from adhering to the internal surfaces of the boiler, the accumulated solids are flushed out of the system through "blowdown", which itself is reduced, lowering water consumption.  The savings in chemicals alone can amount to $1,000 to $2,000 annually, and an approximately 8% savings in utility costs is also obtained.

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