Boiler Applications

A TWT-5C8-402 Deposit Control System was installed in March 1998 at the Zeigler Mills for scale control in the boiler.  The maintenance supervisor agreed to observe the operation of the boiler until the scheduled inspection in December 1998.  Oxygen scavenging chemical treatment was continued, but all other chemical treatments were stopped.

When the boiler was shut down and opened for inspection, the inspectors found very little scale; and what was found was of a pasty consistency and easily removed.  The boiler was subject to normal use and down time for repairs was less than normal; according to the maintenance superintendent.

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During 1999, the boiler inspector commented that he had never inspected a boiler as clean as this one.  The down time and repairs on the boiler during 1999 were "zero".  The maintenance supervisor estimated that the saving in repair costs was at least $18,000.  In addition, he said he believes there were fuel savings due to more efficient heat transfer, but he had not calculated the savings.

TWT Deposit Control Systems

The only chemical treatment being used is oxygen scavengers.  The TWT-5C8-402 has not required any maintenance.  The estimated cost of energy used by the TWT system was $24.00 per year at $0.092 per kwh.