Application Triangular Wave Technical Benefits
Algae and Bacteria Control Bacteria and algae must attach to something (such as pipes, equipment or pool walls, etc.) to feed and reproduce. The triangular wave electromagnetic field generated by the microprocessor prevents this by keeping bacteria and algae dispersed in the water. The second component of the Triangular Wave Technologies system is the IonGuard ionization purification unit that produces copper and silver ions, providing a proven method for the control of algae and bacteria. In combination, the electromagnetic fields and ionization electrodes produce an environment in which microorganisms cannot survive. Thus "chemical-free" method of treatment produces no negative effects on people, any damage to equipment, and no pollution of the environment. It is the safest known deposit control and purification system for controlling algae and bacteria and creates no undesirable side effects
Corrosion, Scale, and Bio-film Accumulation in Lines and Equipment The Triangular Wave prevents this problem with its enhanced surfaces charge on particles in the water; thus causing them too repel from each other and from the surfaces of pipes and equipment. Bio-corrosion is prevented due to the fact that bio-film now cannot form on surfaces.
Chemical Deterioration of Equipment Many of the chemicals used In water treatment (chlorine especially) has the effect of causing PVC pipes to become brittle. Chemicals such as chlorine also reduce the useful life of other equipment and result in higher maintenance and replacement costs.
High Electrical Costs (Heaters and Pumps) The electricity required for heating and pumping water can be a considerable expense. The Triangular Wave Technologies system reduces scaling and corrosion in the heating elements; and reduces electrical costs for heating water. Similarly, many pool, spas and decorative water feature operators feel the need to operate their pumps continuously to enhance the filtration process in an effort to produce water which has a clear appearance. As the Triangular Wave Technologies system creates clear water, the use of the pumps can be greatly reduced; usually to 1/3 or less of a routine operation. Additionally, as the corrosion and scale are eliminated, the pumps operate more efficiently, which results in reduced costs for electricity.
Chemical Costs Chlorine treatment of swimming pools is not only costly, but also objectionable in terms of practical, aesthetic and health considerations. As a chemical, chlorine has a corrosive effect on pool lines and equipment thus resulting in replacement. Although chlorine has been the accepted standard for treating water (and in fact a minimum of residual level of chlorine is required in commercial and public pools), the smaller amounts will have less impact. 
Labor Costs The use of the Triangular Wave Technologies system will not totally eliminate the need for routine pool maintenance, but it will substantially reduce the time commitment and cost. The Triangular Wave Technologies microprocessor is virtually maintenance free. The IonGuard unit requires only routine inspection and periodic changes of the electrodes (usually annually depending upon usage). However, in contrast to the daily tasks of traditional pool maintenance, the tasks associated with the Triangular Wave Technologies Systems are truly minimal. This reduced maintenance feature permits the pool owner to enjoy the pool rather than only work on it. And in commercial situations, it reduces labor time and maintenance costs.
Odor Complaints The chemical odor and other unpleasant odors are removed. Perhaps more significant than the odor control benefit, the water treatment produced by the Triangular Wave Technologies swimming pool systems, (although not recommended for drinking) is actually rendered to an acceptable level, in case of accidental ingestion. Finally, the cost savings on chemicals, electricity, labor, increased life cycles of equipment and other uses is usually sufficient to pay for the system in 18 months or less. In contrast to traditional pool maintenance programs, the Triangular Wave Technologies system will result in significant cost savings. More importantly, it will provide you and your guests with a clean, odorless and healthier swimming environment.

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