Application Triangular Wave Technical Benefits
Air stripping towers Deposit control on spray nozzles and plastic fill.  Air strippers are filled with plastic pieces (balls) to disperse the contaminated water and allow air to volatilize pollutants in the water.  Water is sprayed on the plastic fill from the top, while air is blown in from the bottom.  Scale from the contaminated water collects on the spray nozzles and plastic fill.
Water wash columns Deposit control on spray nozzles and drain lines.  Water wash columns are used as scrubbers to react with contaminants and precipitate the contaminants from the gas stream.
Vacuum drum filters Deposit control on filter cloth.  Vacuum drum filters are used to reprocess water in parts wash systems, and manufacturing of cigarettes, paper, cloth, and food processing.  The filter drums are wrapped with filter cloth and a negative pressure is applied.  When the filter cloth becomes scaled the filter performs inefficiently and eventually shuts down.
What do I need to know about water problems and TWT treatment system selection?