Application Triangular Wave Technical Benefits
Pulpers Deposit control in grinding pumps and slurry lines; in caustic mixers and blending lines, pumps, and controls; in mixing and fermentation tanks, lines, valves, and pumps; in mother liquor lines, exchangers, valves, pumps, and controls.
Paper stock Deposit control in roller dryers, blenders, compounders, pumps, transfer lines, air pollution control washers, and steam feed systems to dryers.
Coaters Deposit control on rollers from coating towers, spray headers, pumps, transfer lines, control valves, gauges, metering and chemical sewer controls.
Co-generation Deposit control in boilers, condensers, cooling towers, pumps, taps, feed controls, blowdown treatment, and stack emission control equipment.
Paper manufacturing is primarily a chemical process.  Pulpwood, the main constituent in the manufacturing of paper, is chopped into small particles and caustic soda is used to turn the pulp into cellulose polymer.

The cellulose is pumped to tanks, where the fibrous material is fermented into an acceptable slurry for blending with any combination of plastic, minerals, cloth, etc., to achieve the desired consistency.  The paper is then rolled, sheeted, dried, and coated for intended use.

Throughout the process there are liquors, which are recycled, tanks that require cleaning, and deposits on equipment that includes heat exchangers, coating mills, roller drum dryers (heated with steam in a heat exchanger), pumps, boilers, and cooling towers.  A huge amount of water is used in this process, and effluent control in paper mills is very costly.

The waste steam from various processes is often funneled to a co-generation plant, where it is used to generate electricity.  Deposit control problems occur in the co-gen plant, as well.

It is important to note that cleanliness of lines and equipment affects pumping efficiency and, so, the total cost of energy.  Less energy used in the plant means more energy that can be sold to the power grid.

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