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The TWT UV-5000 Sterilizer is a very cost-effective unit suited to larger industrial applications requiring 50 gallons-per-minute (200 lpm) of clean, sterilized water. The unique design of this unit parallels two germicidal lamps in a high efficiency, low maintenance configuration designed to provide clean water that is free of disease-causing pathogens.  All sterilizers are manufactured to strict tolerance of 316 stainless steel . Our germicidal lamps are effective for 8,000 hours and are replaced in a simple 10 minute procedure.

UV Monitor
We recommend a UV Monitor and Solenoid Valve along with the UV-5000 as safety mechanisms. When the UV lamp output is too low to be effective or the lamp burns out, the water flow will stop automatically as the alarm sounds. 

TWT Sterilizers operate continuously and automatically. There is no need to heat or cool the water prior to sterilization and the systems are inexpensive to operate. TWT units are simple to install.  The germicidal lamps work effectively for 8,000 hour and replacement is accomplished in minutes.

TWT UV-5000
Rated Flow: 200 Liters per Minute
53 Gallons per minute
UV Dose @ Rated Flow: 40,200 MW/sec/cm2
Maximum Flow: 290 liters per minute
77 Gallons per minute
UV Dose @Maximum Flow: 27,000 MW/sec/cm2
Electrical Supply: 120V/ 60Hz/3 Amp
240V/50Hz/3 Amp
power consumption:200 watts
Maximum Operating temperature: 37C (98.6F)
Plumbing:2" N.P.T. In-Out
Size: 50" x 6.5" x16" (127 cm x 16.5 cm x 41cm)
weight 74 lbs (34kg)
Body:316 Stainless Steel
A comprehensive treatment system can also include pre-filtration for specific water quality needs, as well as deposit control for automated quartz sleeve maintenance.

We recommend that the Ultraviolet Disinfection System be installed downstream of a Triangular Wave Deposit Control System. The Deposit Control System will keep the UV Disinfection System quartz sleeve free of scale and other deposits for more effective results. Bonus: at the same time, the Deposit Control System will help control scale and biofilm deposits through the entire water system!

Without the Triangular Wave Deposit Control System in place, the quartz sleeve may develop either a layer of scale or slime. In either case, it is necessary to periodically clean the quartz sleeve with an acid solution. The Deposit Control System eliminates or significantly reduces the need for this  periodic cleaning.

For a completely integrated, board-mounted, comprehensive treatment solution, see our Integrated Potable Water Treatment System for all potable or sterile water environments, including medical/dental/lab, home/office/factory, livestock/poultry waterers.


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