Application Triangular Wave Technologies Benefits
Grinding and compounding Maintains associated dryers, condensers and boilers in dye manufacturing environments
Pigmentation blending TWT allows denser compounding, rollers are kept cool, and there is easier twin-cone interfacing
Absorption qualities Surface tensions are relaxed and tinting is faster and more complete
Reactor cooling jackets Deposit control in water cooled reactor jackets.
Adhesive/cohesive Bonding characteristics enhanced
Polymers Flow patterns in transfer lines are easier, there is less blockage and back flushing is easier
Typical Equipment that will benefit from TWT systems Boilers, heat exchangers, rollers, transfer lines, pumps, valves, meters, scales, twin-cone blenders, filling equipment, dying vats, reactors, condensers, cooling towers, and dye compounders

What do I need to know about water problems and TWT treatment system selection?