Application Triangular Wave Technical Benefits
Spray dryers Deposit control in nozzles and transfer lines
Reactors Deposit control in water jackets that maintain temperatures in reactors
Pumps Deposit control to prevent packing and volute failure due to abrasion and occlusion.
Heat exchangers Deposit control in fluids on both the product side and the fluid side.
Mixer / Blenders Deposit control in feed lines, and on paddles, liners, and jackets.
Chemical sewers Deposit control in flocking tanks, dosing tanks, pumps, and transfer lines.
Scales Deposit control in liquid scales, which are metering devices
Sensors Deposit control to prevent optics from becoming fouled and feed lines becoming clogged
Valves Deposit control to prevent both automatic and manual valves from becoming frozen or blocked, and eventually leaking.
Coaters Deposit control in coating bath tanks and on spray nozzles
Drumming lines Deposit control in packaging equipment pumps, valves, and metering devices
Lagoons Deposit control in pretreatment aerators, pumps, valves, and pipelines
Fractionators Deposit control in columns used to remove various elements at varied temperatures, viscosities, and specific gravities.  The deposits are controlled that plug the bubble caps on the trays.
Stills Deposit control in coils the are used for stilling and distilling
Tank trucks Deposit control of scale in Clean-in-Place facility
Typical equipment that will benefit from TWT systems Boilers, heat exchangers, air compressors, vacuum pumps, air pollution control equipment, transfer lines, pumps, valves, condensers, and cooling towers

What do I need to know about water problems and TWT treatment system selection?

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