Triangular Wave Deposit Control System treats water before the water enters the UV disinfection units, keeping quartz sleeves clean

The Shank's Hen House egg laying operation has been run by the Shank family for many years.  Roy Shank is the present owner.  During most of those years, they had problems with the water supply, which is very hard.  Their initial treatment included a large filter and a water softener.

On a typical day of operation, workers would walk among the cages to remove culls and replace nipple waterers which had become encrusted with scale.  Each worker would carry a pocketful of waterers.  The entire process took several hours per day.  Then they would be ready for the day's work of crating and stacking the eggs.

When Mr. Shank was first introduced to the Triangular Wave Deposit Control System in 1998 he wanted to replace the water softener, save all of the backwash water, and not have to buy and store salt.  He was quite concerned that without the softener they would be right back where they had been before the softener was installed.

They installed the TWT Deposit Control System to replace the water softener and also to protect the ultraviolet disinfection systems in use from scale buildup on the quartz tubes in those UV units (buildup on the quartz sleeves reduces the ability of the UV to be effective).  They were cautious and reduced the water softener usage gradually over a 30-day period, decreasing its cycles every week until it was totally bypassed.  

The TWT system has performed beyond all expectations.

  • They have not used any salt.

  • They have not experienced any problems with the nipple waterers.

  • The plumbing system and UV disinfection systems have operated flawlessly since installation of the TWT system.

  • They have reduced the time spent walking among the cages to minutes instead of hours.

  • They have increased the size of their flock from 245,000 birds to 325,000 birds with no extra help.

Mr. Shank recently told a group of visitors that "...without the TWT Deposit Control System he would not be able to stay in business, and that is not an exaggeration."