The SYSCO Foods distribution warehouse in Harrisburg, PA uses an ammonia refrigeration system to cool a refrigerated warehouse. The refrigeration system is cooled by twin 250 ton Baltimore Air Coil Evaporative Condensers. The warehouse and cooling system are three years old.

The cooling system is protected by two Triangular Wave Deposit Control Systems. One system is installed as part of a Total Water Control System (TWCS), that has deposit control, filtration, and ionization (disinfection) components. The TWCS is designed to remove large suspended particles, control scale and biofilm deposits, and kill bacteria and algae.

The second Triangular Wave System is attached to the makeup water pipe for the evaporative condenser system. That unit initially treats the incoming water to enhance the surface charges of the scale and biofilm particles. The enhanced surface charge causes the particles to repel each other and the surfaces of the machinery, and disperse into the water. The proof of the effectiveness of the Triangular Wave Systems is the scale free evaporative condenser coils. Scale free after three years!. The Director of Maintenance reports that SYSCO does not spend any money on chemical treatment or deposit removal maintenance.

Estimated chemical cost savings -- $10,000 per year.

Estimated maintenance cost savings -- $5,000 per year.

Annual water costs, sewer costs, and hidden costs due to downtime and extra cleaning have been reduced as well. The Triangular Wave System has proven to be effective from operational, economic, and safety points of view. Some areas of the U.S. are surcharging generators of chlorides, which adds another dimension to the savings.

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