Application Triangular Wave Technologies Benefits
Reverse Osmosis 
Deposit Control Triangular Wave Deposit Control systems prevent scale formation on flanges and locking rings.  No scale means the filter assemblies are much easier to disassemble.

Filter membranes are not scaled on the surface.  The filter membranes are filled with dirt and particulate matter; as would be expected.  The extended life of the membranes is due to the lack of scale accumulation on the surface.

No scale forms around the edges of the filter assemblies, and no short circuiting of the filters occurs. 

Membrane life Membrane life may be extended by 40% or more.
Permeate volume The time period after installation of the membranes to a noticeable decrease in volume in permeate product often is increased by several months.
Chlorine Injection Pumps
Pump deposits Often pumps used to feed chlorine into the treatment stream become full of scale and must be cleaned.  Triangular Wave Deposit Control system keep the scale particles suspended in the fluid and off of the pump surfaces.
Nitrate / Nitrite Removal
Resin Bed Triangular Wave deposit Control system keep calcium carbonate ions in solution, prevent the calcification of the resin bed, and the formation of channels in the bed that leads to ineffective treatment.
Pumps, filters, and sensors Triangular Wave Deposit Control system keep the scale particles suspended in the fluid and off of the equipment surfaces.
Downstream of removal system Triangular Wave Deposit Control stem will protect the discharge line free of scale caused by heavy concentrations of calcium carbonate.
Lime or Soda Ash Treatment
Mixing tank Using lime to treat high pH water or soda ash to treat low pH water present some of the greatest scale control challenges.  The lime or soda ash is mixed with water to form a slurry that is then pumped into the water to be treated.

The mixing tank is prone to scale deposition on the sides and the mixing propeller gets scale build up, too.  A Triangular Wave Deposit Control to treat the water to be mixed will keep the tank sides and propeller clean of scale.

Slurry pumps The pumps used to pump the slurry into the water stream are subject to scale buildup to the extent that two pumps are needed; one to pump while the other is being cleaned.  A Triangular Wave Deposit Control system placed on the suction side of the pumps will prevent scale deposition on the pumps.  The savings on labor for just a few weeks will pay for the deposit control system.

Multi-Process Water Treatment Systems (pdf)