Application Triangular Wave Technical Benefits
Quality water Commercial Aquariums in tourist centers and commercial businesses are critically dependent on high water quality.   Quality water means less cost of operation.  PH, aeration, feed cycles, temperature, nitrate, and disease control are all expensive cost centers.
Calcium carbonate scale control To balance the pH, the facility will use calcium carbonate to raise the pH to the desired 7.0 to 7.5.  The calcium carbonate is sacrificial.  The calcium carbonate is fed in to the tanks, and that in turn causes problems downstream with pumps and aerators.  The Triangular Wave system controls scale formation from calcium carbonate.

Facilities use pumps, filters, feeders, aerators, water quality measuring devices, chemical dispensers, and algae control systems.  The Triangular Wave systems control deposits on all of these devices.

Heat exchangers When the temperatures are not maintained well the feed conversion is disturbed and excess food forms sludge.  Waste management costs rise.  Triangular Wave controls deposits on heat exchangers in the tanks and in the boilers.
Nitrates Fish waste in the form of nitrates is deadly to fish.  Nitrates lower the pH and more calcium is added to avert poisoning the fish.  Triangular Wave systems can keep the filter equipment for clogging with scale.  Nitrate levels will be controlled.
Bacterial control Triangular Wave systems control bacteria by killing some of it and keeping the rest suspended in the water and off of the equipment surfaces.  Bacterial control is a huge factor in aquariums.   

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