Application Triangular Wave Technical Benefits
Lens grinding Deposit control on the grinding wheels - suspension of ground particles in the cooling fluid solution.  Lenses are ground with precise use of abrasives to achieve the various measurements which will produce the vision correction desired.  The wheels used are water cooled, and the particles released from the process can scale the equipment.  Problems: those small particles may clog the wheel, the work surface can become plated with residue, and the cut can be less than desired.
Lens polishing Suspension of contaminants in the cooling water and removal of the contaminants from the work arena.  Optical manufacturers employ various grits and polishing compounds.  These can be silicas, zirconium oxides, titanium oxides and other abrasives.  The surface is flooded and the abrasive is used in a precise manner.  The work surface is examined frequently to determine progress.  Each flooding can introduce new levels of contamination.  The Triangular Wave System will place the contaminants in suspension, removing them from the work arena.  
Optical lens manufacturing equipment must be kept critically clean throughout the lens production process.  Ensuring the accuracy of data acquired through manufactured microscopic, telescopic, spectrographic, and other optic devices is of the highest priority in the optical industry.  But agents and detergents used in optical lens grinding and cleaning often leave residues and can also contain abrasive substances that could damage glass or quartz surfaces, as well as cause pitting in the product molds.  Even when water is used in place of chemical agents, the particulates and contaminants often found in water can cause some of the same problems, negatively affecting the production process, the lifecycle of the production equipment, production costs, and the quality of the end-product.  Reduce dependence on chemicals, and enhance the ability of water to do the job by adding TWT non-chemical, highly efficient and cost-effective Deposit Control Systems to your manufacturing processes and fluid delivery infrastructure. 

What do I need to know about water problems and TWT treatment system selection?