Application Triangular Wave Technologies Benefits

Military Camps
Disaster Relief
Refugee Camps
Emergency Preparedness
Cholera Epidemics
Remote Construction Projects
Small Community Systems
Environmental Clean-up Sites

For Short-term and Long-Term, Safe, Controlled Water Supply Needs - Large Capacity, Easy to Ship, Fast Installation

  • Excellent for municipal or military potable water needs

  • Install at points of water use or at water source

  • Scalable configurations for high volume or low volume needs

The TWT UV-20, UV-40, and UV-60 Transportable Emergency Water Treatment Systems serve as small scale water treatment plants, creating clean, good-tasting drinking water from streams, ponds, lakes, cisterns, or contaminated community water supplies.  They filter out over 100 contaminants including sediments, mercury, pesticides, giardia cysts and cryptosporidium.

99.9% Kill-rate for Viruses and Bacteria

The systems use ultraviolet light to destroy disease-causing bacteria and viruses including Legionnaires' Disease, Salmonella and Cholera.  Its 99.9% kill-rate meets the highest known standards.

Easy to Ship Anywhere in the World

The UV-20, UV-40, and UV-60 Water Treatment Systems are fully self-contained and mounted on an aluminum skid.  The total dimensions are within the allowable limits making it possible to ship by air-freight to any international airport.

Large Capacities, Fast Installation and Operation

The UV-20 has a flow-rate of 20 gallons (76 liters) per minute, the UV-40 has a flow-rate of 40 gallons (152 liters) per minute and, the UV-60 has a flow-rate of 60 gallons (227 liters) per minute.  The UV-60 can fill a 50,000 gallon (190 cubic meter) storage bladder in just 14 hours.

Economical to Use

The cost of treating water with the TWT Emergency Transportable Water Treatment Systems is just a fraction of a cent per gallon, comparable with many municipal systems.

Usually Less Than 4% Waste

The TWT Transportable Treatment Systems discharge a bare minimum of waste, approximately 4% or less of processed water, making them some of the most efficient and responsible options available.

Operates Automatically

Programmable logic controls allow the systems to function automatically with a high degree of quality assurance and operator convenience.  The flow meter displays total output, and manual over-ride controls are also  included.

What do I need to know about water problems and TWT treatment system selection?