Harry, the owner of the Honey Bee Diner, had heard about the TWT Deposit Control System and wondered if it would work at his Greek restaurant.  We assured him that our return policy would protect him, and told him of our experience in other restaurants.  Harry purchased a TWT Deposit Control System in February 1998.

About three months after installation, Harry called to report that the system had been working great up until a week ago, but now it was not working at all.  He checked the lights and called back saying "no lights (on the display panel) are on".

What had happened?  Harry said a plumber had installed a filter on the inlet water line about a week earlier.  After inspecting the transformer for the TWT system, a slice in the output cord was found.  This could have been an accident since the transformer was very close to the work area.  The transformer was replaced, and the TWT unit was returned to operation.

Since the installation of the TWT system, Harry has experienced the same results as reported by other restauranteurs:

  • Dishwashers are kept clean of lime scale

  • Hot water heaters "make lots of hot water"

  • Glasses are clean and sparkling

  • Pot and pans are easier to clean

  • Pastas boil sooner, and customers say they taste great

  • Soda machines, which mix water and syrups, no longer clog and drip, remaining in service longer without unnecessary maintenance

  • Existing equipment suffers less downtime, costs less to maintain, and offers increased revenue generation opportunities (if the soda fountain is down, Harry can't sell soda from it!)

Harry is a very happy guy since he has found a system that does what it says it will do.  When we patronize his restaurant, we always get a wide smile and special treatment.  Eliminating a pain in the neck for a person who already works very hard can produce that type of reaction.  He makes a wonderful Greek salad, and it is served on sparkling clean dishware.