Scale Eliminated From Soda Dispensing Machines
Scale Cleared From Lavatory Fixtures
No Need for Water Softener Expense or Wasted Space
Profits Are Higher

Extremely hard water was of great concern to the owner of the McDonalds Restaurant in Gettysburg, PA.  Scale would build up on the nozzles of the soda dispensing machines.  To remove the scale it was necessary to bring in a service technician to perform a citric acid wash on the system.  This was expensive and time consuming.  If the wash was not performed regularly, then the soda dispensers would drip and waste valuable syrup. 

Scale also would collect on the lavatory fixtures, creating a cleaning problem.

Since the TWT Deposit Control unit has been installed, the owner reports that no service calls have been needed to wash scale from the soda dispensers or the lavatory fixtures.

The restaurant uses all available space for equipment.  The owner is happy that he does not have devote valuable floor space that could be used to generate revenue to instead install a water softener.  Salt savings further add to his bottom line.

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