The owner of Faloon's Car Wash purchased a TWT Deposit Control System in 1998, hoping to eliminate his existing water softener equipment and salt expense.  The water softener required recurring routine  maintenance, which was costly.  In addition, the salt storage consumed valuable space in an already crowded power and pump area.  Soap dispensers, spray wax, pressure lines, power panels and switches made it difficult to service any  equipment located there.  The salt and softener represented 25% of the floor area.

One month after installing the TWT system, the owner completely bypassed the water softener.  Following this action, the TWT Deposit Controller maintained the level of positive appearance and operation of the car wash equipment, and car wash customers had not mentioned any change in cleaning ability or appearance.  As a result, the softener and time spent maintaining it was eliminated, and the salt was removed from the storage area, freeing up valuable floor space. 

After two years of operation, additional benefits are apparent:


  • The pump packings have not required replacement yet.  Previously, this was necessary three times per year; at least six replacement cycles have passed without replacement need.

  • The hand wand guns have not required cleaning to repair sticking triggers and plugged nozzles.  That was a continuing problem even with the water softener in operation.

  • Soap application was reduced by 15%, because there was "too much sudsing" after installation of the TWT system; the deposit control system allowed the soap formula to complete itself properly and function to its capacity, requiring the use of less soap to achieve the same result.

  • Similar to the soap application, jet spray wax consumption was also reduced.  The owner said it is another way to save money, and the customers received the same benefits without seeing a change.

  • Any sewer discharge concerns from formula use were reduced to the extent that the soap and wax formula usage was reduced.

  • The owner cut his weekly on-site maintenance time from about 20 hours per week to 5 hours per week.  Now, he collects the money, services the coin changer, and looks at the pump room daily.

This satisfied owner was able to buy another car wash and immediately installed a TWT Deposit Control System to keep operating and maintenance costs and time carefully controlled.

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