Triangular Wave Technologies' Total Water Control System combines Deposit Control, IonGuard Purification, and Filtration for Cooling System Applications


The TWT Total Water Control System (TWCS) is a comprehensive treatment system for cooling systems, incorporating TWT patented deposit control, IonGuard purification, and multiple filtration treatment methods for all-inclusive protection, improved operating efficiency, and energy, water, and chemicals savings.  The system can be used for cooling tower, chiller, and condenser applications, among others

The Triangular Wave Deposit Control subsystem controls deposits of scale and biofilm in the cooling system, and in the TWCS itself. The Deposit Control subsystem also enhances the performance of the filter by causing the particles in the water to stay suspended and not clog the filter media. The Ionization subsystem is a specially designed set of silver and copper electrodes that dispenses minute amounts of silver into the water to kill bacteria, and minute amounts of copper to kill plant life.

The TWCS removes suspended solids down to 5 microns, controls the dissolved solids (minerals), kills and prevents the regrowth of algae and bacteria, reduces water loss due to bleed-off by as much as 75% and provides a 100% savings on chemicals.

Suspended solids enter the evaporative cooling process as dirt, dust, organic matter and pollution. They are circulated through the system, fouling condensers, chillers, heat exchangers and other process cooling equipment.

The flow from the water cooling system is cleaned continuously by the TWCS. The system size is selected to clean the entire system volume at least once an hour. Suspended solids concentrate in the filter, and are periodically back-washed to drain. With the TWCS installed on the cooling tower sump, suspended solids, dissolved solids, algae and bacteria, can be controlled and discharged without affecting or interrupting cooling equipment operations.

Problems addressed by Deposit Control Subsystem

  • Scale deposits on heat exchange surfaces

  • Scale deposits on pipes and pumps

  • Scale deposits on cooling tower fill and frame

  • Biofilm deposits on cooling tower fill

Deposit Control Subsystem components

  • Deposit Controller on makeup water pipe to initially treat water

  • Deposit Controller within TWCS to continually treat water

  • Deposit Controller controls deposits on all equipment surfaces

  • Deposit Controller controls deposits on IonGuard Subsystem electrodes

  • TWT systems improve the efficiency and retard clumping in the sand filter

Problems addressed by the IonGuard Subsystem

  • Microorganisms form a slime layer on surfaces

  • Slime harbors dangerous bacteria

  • Slime traps acidic byproducts of anaerobic bacteria next to metal surface

  • Heat transfer efficiency reduced

IonGuard Subsystem components

  • Silver is a disinfectant

  • Copper is an algaecide

  • TWT Ionization System releases very small amounts of silver and copper to control bacteria and algae growth

  • TWT Ionization Systems kill the 2 most dangerous bacteria in cooling towers - Pseudomonas Aeruinosa and Legionella

Problems addressed by Filtration Subsystem

  • Continual bombardment by particles

  • Scratches can lead to localized corrosion

  • Settled particles can lead to under-deposit corrosion

Filtration Subsystem components

  • Pre-strainer

  • Filter tank with sand filter media (99% pure silica) and 1/8 to 1/4 inch gravel

  • 90% removal capability of particles 5 microns or larger

  • Differential pressure switch activates backwash (usually 3 minutes)

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