Triangular Wave Technologies Inc. is proud to offer the advanced NutraChem Disposal System for the treatment of X-Ray and Photographic processing waste. 

NutraChem is the low cost, easy method to dispose of harmful photo processing waste in a safe and responsible, EPA-compliant way.
  • NutraChem renders hazardous photo-chemical waste safely disposable with the rest of your regular office trash - no special pickups or handling! Your hazardous waste instantly turns into non-hazardous, enclosed solids, suitable for regular disposal.
  • Fully compliant with federal EPA regulations, eliminates the harmful effects of the waste by-products from contaminating local municipal facilities.
  •  Safe and easy to use for office and studio personnel.
  • Eliminates special storage, special transport arrangements, and and special handling charges.

According to EPA regulations, if your site generates up to 25 gallons per month of hazardous photo-chemical waste, you have the option to choose the NutraChem treatment and disposal system to instantly render your hazardous waste harmless while it awaits your regular trash pickup. Gain peace of mind for your staff and yourself, avoid the inconvenience of  OSHA and EPA paperwork, and eliminate the high, repetitive costs of hazardous waste disposal.

Any site that generates up to 25 gallons per month of photo-chemical waste is eligible under current EPA regulations. Users who can benefit include:

  • X-Ray labs in offices, medical centers, and hospitals
  •  Photographer's studios
  •  Photo development labs
  •  Single darkroom sites
  •  Graphic design studios
  •  Professional photography schools and amateur training classes

NUTRACHEMŽ is a patented polymer that encapsulates photo-chemical waste by absorbing the waste into a sponge-like polymer crystal that neutralizes and bonds silver ions to itself, and becomes a non-toxic, non-hazardous solid suitable for municipal landfill or incineration for silver recovery (smelting). Once the 5 gallon container is full, you can dispose of the altered waste by depositing it in your trash.


  • Developer and fixer waste are disposed of together. Once the waste is solidified you can place the containers with your regular municipal trash; no special services are required.
  • Liquid photo-waste can be added to the NUTRACHEMŽ container over weeks or months. 
  • You do not have to manifest with the EPA. Just keep a personal log. (We can provide one.) 
  • Hazardous photo-waste becomes non-hazardous instantly. Developer and fixer fluids can be mixed together without odor.
  • NUTRACHEMŽ is economical and competitively priced to waste hauling services when small quantities are generated.
  • When you use NUTRACHEMŽ, it turns liquid into a solid. You are no longer regulated by the water/sewage department but by solid waste management. The criteria are different. Since you will not be discarding any waste chemicals into the drain or evaporating effluents into the air, you will meet all current Federal and local guidelines for sewage and air disposal and be in compliance. NUTRACHEMŽ renders your photo waste non-hazardous.