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Homeowner receives quick and significant results with TWT Residential Deposit Control System

This letter was received by e-mail on November 12, 2000 from a homeowner in California who purchased a TWT Residential Deposit Control System.  While results can vary depending upon water quality conditions and installation location, what's described below is the type of result often experienced by our industrial, commercial, and residential customers.


Mr. Shamosh & Triangular Wave:

Thank you very much for sending the Copper Pipe Signal Enhancer (TWT-CSE-0227)* to go with my microprocessor unit TWT 5C8-470.

My handyman installed it for me yesterday and then I sort of forgot about it.  This morning I did a couple of things that immediately brought home to me that the signal enhancer was installed and working.  First, I hard boiled 6 eggs.  Usually when I do that, the pan has a ring of crud around the inside after I am finished.  But, not today.  Today the ring was at least 90% diminished.  That is when I remembered that the previous day the signal enhancer had been installed.

Then I washed my hair.  For the first time since I have lived in Davis, over 3 years, my hair actually squeaked when I rinsed it.  I was incredibly surprised.  I could hardly believe my ears. 

. . .  I will certainly pass on information about your units and your technology to my friends here in Davis. 


Connie H.

Davis, CA


*Webmaster's note: the Copper Pipe Signal Enhancer is a unit used in conjunction with the TWT Deposit Controller.

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